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A simple, flexible and fast time-logging interface

We’ve handcrafted the time-logging experience to be as fast and painless as possible, so you can get back to your actual work.

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Time logging wherever you are

Out of the office? No problem. Timesponge works on desktop, tablet and mobile. It feels like an app, but works on any web-enabled device.

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Time logging on a need-to-know basis

Want your team to see only their time and no one else’s? We have you covered with detailed permission structures at a person, group and organisational level.

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It’s your data

All your time-log data is exportable to Excel. No lock-in!

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Groups, groups, groups

Create groups by department, studio or organisational focus. Then use these groups for access control and reporting.

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Track project health

Set hour allocations for each role within a project and monitor these against your total hours budget.